Highest Ranked Appeal: Chevrolet Sonic, Volt & Avalanche

Known as “The voice of the customer”, J.D. Power and Associates awarded the 2012 Sonic, the 2012 Volt and the 2012 Avalanche as having the Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal in their respective segments.

J.D. Power and Associates has ranked the 2012 Sonic and 2012 Volt as having the “Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal among Sub-Compact Cars and Compact cars.” While the 2012 Avalanche topped the “Large Truck” segment. More than 70,000 new-vehicle buyers were included in the Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study which looked at Fuel Economy, Driving Dynamics, Vehicle Exterior, Visibility and Driving Safety, among other factors.

Volt had the highest ranking in the Compact Car category for the second year in a row. In its first year on the road, Sonic was recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as having the “Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal among Sub-Compact Cars.”

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